Formula 1 is at the cutting edge of racing and requires connections that can support complex electrical systems. DEUTSCH offers dependable connector solutions for electrical systems that provide critical data to the operation of the vehicle.


DEUTSCH Autosport connectors offer solutions that can be used in NASCAR application areas such as accident data recorders, data systems, and battery and alternator applications.

World Rally Cars

We offer Autosport connector solutions that help provide resistance to extreme temperatures and environments for electrical systems on World Rally Cars such as battery, alternator and data systems.


DEUTSCH is a leading supplier of trusted Autosport connection solutions for many Indycar teams. Our connectors are used in multiple racecar application areas such as sensor applications.

Motorcycle Racing

Our Autosport products provide lightweight and reliable connections needed for Motorcycle racing.

Endurance Racing

DEUTSCH is a leading supplier of Autosport connection solutions for Endurance Racing vehicles. Our connectors offer lightweight and reliable connections for multiple applications.

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