369 Series

Application and Features

The TE Deutsch 369 series has been developed to provide a range of high reliability, lightweight, compact and cost efficient connectors suited to aerospace and other harsh environment applications. The product is particularly suited to civil aerospace cabin systems applications and is based on the successful Deutsch ARINC 809/EN4165 single module connector.


Does your supplier offer:

Connectors rated to meet smoke and toxicity standards
   –> IAW FAR25 853 and ABD0031
• Space-saving rectangular form factor
• Colour coding for quick ID and install
• Positive button latching / audible click
• Simple cable-tie mounting with latch-defeat mechanism
• MIL style “cork-in-bottle” sealing profile (IP67 rating)
• Fully scoop-proof and suitable for blind mating
• PEI / PEEK harsh environment shell materials
• EN2591-317 aerospace fluids resistance
• Mating durability – 500 matings
• Removable back-fitting accessory to reduce wire strain


• Extremely compact and lightweight; 3, 6 and 9-way configurations
• Excellent temperature vibration and fluid resistance
• Operational at high moisture levels

Other Key Features:
• Based on existing ARINC 809 / EN4165
• Composite materials & Robust design
• Fully sealed cable and mating interface
• Mounting of in-line with cable-tie
• Military standard AS39029 contacts

• High reliability in aerospace environment
• Excellent temperature, vibration and fluids resistance
• Simple quick mounting
• Quick and accurate installation of cabling
• Helps prevent damage to contacts in blind-mating conditions
• Standard termination tooling and wire
• Cable-tie helps prevent inadvertent un-mating